New enterprise built upon a proven 70-year model for acquiring, developing, managing and owning generational real estate.

Andy Andersen


Andy Andersen began construction after returning from World War II and realized the tremendous value and long-term benefit in being both the builder and the owner of real estate. He built and owned his first industrial building in 1950, a warehouse that is still part of the family holdings today, almost 70 years later.



AiRE is one of the only real estate funds that will retain ownership in its assets for generations. The concept behind this strategy is to ensure that wealth transfer and long-term cash flow can be passed on to our future generations. An investment in real estate holdings today, will effectively provide an annuity payment for future generations.

We have created the AiRE fund to take advantage of the unique, career-earning life of athletes.

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The NBA, NFL, and other professional leagues recognize the difficulty of transitioning from large salaries to common paychecks.

A more typical workplace career sees gradual income increases until retirement. Professional athletes enjoy their highest earning potential between the time they leave college and the end of what is hopeful to be a long career.

Post-career annuity plans and 401k incentives are available to help athletes create financial stability in retirement. However, 401k plans are not available until an individual is 60+ and the annuity plans offered are generally at rates of merely 1% – 2% interest.

AiRE provides returns both during play, and post career. This also establishes an asset class for the athlete that identifies with real market trends vs capping the growth potential of the money.