Joel Anderson

Joel Andersen

Joel Andersen is CEO of Andersen Construction and a real estate developer with a robust and diverse portfolio of projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Joel is a 3rd-generation Oregonian with close ties to the area’s development community. Joel’s grandfather, HA ‘Andy’ Andersen, started their family construction business in 1950 and shortly thereafter started building and acquiring real estate. Andy made sure to teach his family that of all the things that man was making, land was not one of them. He instructed those closest to him that with all options (before them) in real estate, selling was not one of them. That same philosophy holds true today, where the family real estate holdings are owned outright, collecting incomes and never to be traded. Joel’s development leadership has resulted in several of the most dynamic, award-winning and creative projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Mason Plumlee

Mason Plumlee

Mason Plumlee is a professional basketball player. He is a two-time Academic All-American graduate of Duke University. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with early investments in a number of different start-up businesses.  He is also an active investor in real estate. Mason has invested in various real estate markets including Brooklyn, New Jersey, Portland and Washington state, as well as real estate holdings and investments that he partnered with Joel on during his time with the Trail Blazers.

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh is a professional football player. He graduated from The University of Nebraska with a degree in Construction Management Engineering. Suh is currently the CEO of House of Spears Management, LLC and is a seasoned entrepreneur. He holds investments and advisory positions in many companies across the hospitality, real estate and technology industries, including many that are publicly traded: Ballantyne Strong, Ember technologies Inc., Flagship Restaurant Group and Human Ventures.

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