By far developing a new building is the most exciting opportunity in real estate, but can also be the riskiest. AiRE serves as an equity partner in conjunction with other developers to build, develop and hold real estate. Equity partner means that we will be investing money and oversight, but transfer the risk of completing the project to our development partner.

The timeline process for developing real estate can be anywhere from 2-5 years. Starting from the time a site is identified, to the time entitlements are complete, the project is built and finally leased out.

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Finding a site.

Location, location, location! The main opportunity for us to build in equity is when we acquire a site. Finding the right site in a great location is key to any successful real estate deal.


Entitlement is when the build plan goes through a review process with local jurisdiction. This process ensures that the build will be in compliance with local zoning guidelines, design standards and building codes.

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AiRE will work with local and national lending institutions to find viable long-term debt structures for our deals. Investors will be insulated from having any personal guarantees on projects.


Construction will be the largest investment of the development process. AiRE will work with reputable general contractors to ensure that we have the most competitive and competent partner for each project.

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Lease Up

Lease up.

After construction is completed, stabilizing an asset can take 6 to 18 months. A stabilized asset is a project that has achieved 90%+ occupancy and is actively generating revenue.