Stabilized wealth for generations to come.

Also known as an ‘Evergreen Fund’ and will grow into perpetuity. The initial investment will be used to acquire the assets, and the return on that investment will pay back the initial contribution over time. The fund will provide quarterly distributions of profits as income is generated. In the rare event that one of the assets is transacted on during the life of the fund, the proceeds will be redeployed towards new asset acquisition.

AiRE Generations Fund 1 will include assets with a total placement value of just under $4.8M. This will be used as the capital to fund equity in new developments and to acquire existing assets. The targeted minimum investment is $100,000.

Fund 1’s intent is to create a boutique atmosphere for each of our investment partners so that they can maintain as much a part of the ongoing effort as they would like. We foresee this as an intimate investment team and hope our partners want more than a simple quarterly report, and instead choose to actively participate. We encourage each of our partners to tour the assets where they share ownership to create and build an authentic investment experience.

AiRE Generations Fund 1 is for athletes and close associates of athletes. We want to maintain the privacy and intimacy of this unique group, while at the same time ensuring that the investor base is like-minded. The investment threshold is in place to ensure the fund is only working with qualified investors, or those who have a net worth in excess of $1,000,000.

Why AiRE?